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Simple, Cost Effective Self Care

Does Your Team Have

the Spine to Succeed?



The pain impacts productivity, relationships, and quality of life.

The truth is, it doesn't have to be this way.


Within minutes of working with Dr. Yoav, organizations and individuals learn easy-to-apply strategies to prevent and treat neck and back pain.

No fancy equipment or expensive surgeries necessary for a healthier, happier workplace and life.



Virtual and In-Person

  • Prevent Pain

  • Improve Focus

  • Increase Productivity

  • Have More Energy

  • Feel Good

​Got chronic pain? Stiff neck? Slow to get on your feet and stand upright in the morning? Slouched over your keyboard on an all-day zoom meetings? Headaches? Back pain? Sciatica? Anyone?

We have all carried a little extra weight on our shoulders this past year and your spine needs some extra care and attention to get Back In Action ...

In this fun and educational presentation on learning how to minimize neck and back pain, Dr. Yoav moves around modeling posture, pain and relief while explaining how the spine works, why certain structures might fail, and how pinched nerves can make pain radiate to seemingly disassociated places.

He will guide you in specific movements and positions that are simple, but very effective in controlling pain.

You will learn how to sit properly, stand and stretch to reduce and prevent pain while working from home, at the office, traveling (hopefully soon), and while living your daily life. You will also practice the key movement for aging with a perfect upright posture.

BONUS: Add ergonomic assessments to any presentation. Virtually or In-Person, Dr. Yoav can evaluate individual workstations, entire sites, or provide role-based strategies for preventing neck and back pain and injuries.

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Clapping Audience


"Absolutely fantastic presentation. Dr. Yoav made you feel like you were in the room with him, while it was a virtual setting. Very engaging with terrific takeaways."

- Dale Robinette, Vistage Master Chair

"To date, this have been the most useful, practical, enjoyable and entertaining presentation for me."

"He was incredible, I've gotten so much unsolicited feedback about people liking this presentation... I've also noticed an immediate impact."

- Director of HR, Signature Analytics

"Even my most jaded 20 year member said it was 'hands down the best presentation I've ever seen...period.'" - Willie Rosoff, CEO Village Green Foods

"Game changer."

"Yoav is ... (cue grand entrance music) ... THE SPINE WHISPERER."


Therapist | Speaker | Motivator

Dr. Yoav, DPT, OCS, Dip.MDT, CSCS, is highly sought after for his expertise and innovation in assisting people dealing with common discomforts and pain.

He has been lauded by audiences who express his presentation of the “McKenzie Method” of self-treatment has produced life-changing results! Dr. Suprun’s simple, yet highly effective tips to treat and prevent pain, have created a strong following of devotees. His finely honed, engaging and entertaining speaking skills enable him to easily explain neck, back or extremity problems - all while educating his listeners to self-treat these common orthopedic issues without medications, injections or surgery.


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