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Back Pain

  • Do you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning due to back stiffness or pain?

  • Does sitting for a while make you feel stiff?

  • When getting out of the car do you feel pain or stiffness in the lower back which improves after 5 minutes of walking?

  • Do you have pain that moves from the lower back to your hips, thigh or even down your leg to your foot?

  • Do you have buttock pain that sometimes goes back up to the lower back and sometimes down your leg?

  • Do you have good days and bad days?

  • When standing at a cocktail party - do you find yourself having to sit down after a while due to back pain?

  • Does your ability to walk become progressively worse?

  • Do you have days when you look shifted with the upper body and shoulders to one side and have pain in the back or radiating pain down your leg?

If you answered yes to any of the above, there is a good chance that you are suffering from a mechanical lower back problem and need appropriate education on self healing. The McKenzie method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is the best assessment to help you understand and fix your problem.


Yoga Class


"I've had issues with my back for about one year now. Prior to seeing Dr. Yoav, I saw 3 different therapists in Miami and they didn't help me. I also had a procedure done that didn't help. However, everything changed when I came here. Dr. Yoav is the one who really made a difference with my back pain. Not only that, but he also put me on a great regimen for me to maintain my health. I 100% recommend coming here if you have a bad back, but even if you don't, Dr. Yoav can help you build a healthy life without even having to go to the gym. Very thankful."

- Nebo Bandovic

"I am truly grateful to have been referred to Dr. Yoav Suprun. I was fortunate to reach him before

My damage was irreversible. In one week I have learnt and unlearned so much that I am

On the sure road to permanent recovery and the land of good posture for life!"

"I owe him a debt of gratitude and I hope and wish many people suffering from back pain can find their way to him. The McKenzie Method is a life saver!"

"His method is very simple and reassuring. He takes his time to educate you and teach you small steps that make a huge impact."


Helping Patients Help Themselves

Dr. Yoav earned his clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy from NYU, is a faculty member with the world-renowned McKenzie Institute, is an adjunct faculty at the Department of Physical Therapy at Florida International University (FIU) and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).He has been helping patients for nearly three decades, and has seen it all!


He is not a conventional physical therapist. Dr. Yoav uses his breathe of experience with various methods to educate his patients and teaches them how to “fix themselves," and in the process how to avoid medications, injections, or even surgery. 80% of patients with musculoskeletal pain can resolve their problems themselves. Dr. Yoav’s patients learn mechanical tools to “self-adjust” their body. His passion is patients and public education. 


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